Consulting & Engineering Service

Consulting services, design engineering and execution of food , beverage , Steel, cement, water and waste water,oil, gas and petrochemical projects.

Undertaking feasibility studies, simulation work, computerized plans, programs and proposals.
Study and preparation of procedures and instructions for mechanical installation, construction, commissioning, start-up, and trouble-shooting.


PGA has developed and implemented procedures for planing and making schedules up to Level 4, establishing progress measurement methodologies, monitoring the project progress, developing look-ahead schedules, shortfall analysis, catch-up schedules, progress reporting etc.


Generally, Residual Basic Engineering is done for utility and offsite areas or open-art process units. PGA has done Residual Basic Engineering in almost all its projects.

During FEED Phase, most of the parameters related to equipment, piping, structure etc. are frozen for arriving at Project Design basis and a rough Project investment cost is evaluated.

It is a systematic progression from Process Design and Selection of Mechanical Equipment, to detailing of Control Equipment & Electrical Supply requirements and Structural design.

Quality Management

Quality Management is vital to the services provided by PGA

Our clients determine what quality is. Our aim is to deliver more than the client expects of us. We want to achieve this by deploying personal know-how, experience and the specific skills of each employee. The basic guidelines on quality are set out in the PGA Quality System (TQS), which also covers health, safety and environment (HSE - ISO 18001:2007), Environmental Management System (ISO 14001:2004).

The Handbook TQS is certification in accordance with
ISO 9001: 2008 and ISO 10002:2004.


We at PGA , provide Quality & Cost – Effective Procurement Services for all our projects within the given time schedule; using our vast database comprising of reputed Iranian & International vendors.
PGA offers end-to-end supply chain management Services for various clients globally. The services include contracts and purchase, inspection, expediting, transportation as well as supplier/contractor enlistment. We have vast expertise in global procurement through excellent manpower, procedures, rules and policies ably supported by an extensive data base with vast information on global suppliers and contractors from all over world.
We adopt latest IT tools/technologies for enhancing the efficiency, effectiveness and transparency of its procurement processes. Over the years, all procurement functions have been IT enabled- from the receipt of an indent up to Inspection, Dispatch and transportation of the equipment. In addition, we have an integrated in-house ERP and EDMS application linking all procurement functions across various geographical locations.

Construction Services

PGA is entrusted with the key activities involving translation of the physical manifestation of design, meeting all the safety and quality standards within the agreed time schedule of the project.
We provide Construction Management Services for various clients in Iran and abroad at diverse project locations.
Our services for Construction of a projects include:

Structural access platforms, maintenance platforms, crossovers and Pipe Racks; Pipe Supports and Supporting Structures

PGA is well equipped as a leader with our associate companies to perform the following Mechanical Fabrication & Construction works:
- Physical-Chemical Treatment of Industrial Water and Wastewater.
- Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning System.
- Water Tube and Fire Tube Steam Boilers Fabrication and installation.
- Pressure vessel (Horizontal & Vertical) Fabrication and installation.
- Heat Exchangers (All Type) Fabrication & Installation.
- Mechanical Static and Rotating Equipment Installation.
- Fire Fighting System.
- Fabrication of Storage Tanks (Water, oil, etc...).

Piping & Pipeline:
PGA is well equipped as a leader with our associate companies to perform the following Piping & Pipeline Fabrication & Construction works:
- Fabrication of pipes and pipelines as per Isometrics and Alignment sheet.
- Installing pipes and pipelines at site with field welds.
- Hydro test, Pneumatic test and Radiographic tests.
- Fabrication and Installation of GRE, GRP, HDPE, CS, SS and Alloy steel piping.

Electrical & Instrumentation:
PGA is well equipped as a leader with our associate companies to perform the following E&I Fabrication & Construction works:
- Cable laying.
- Fire & Gas Deduction system installation.
- Fabrication of (All Types) panels like Control panels, Power panels, Power distribution panels, etc.
- Electrical Power supply system installation to all the industrial facilities.
- Industrial Automation.


Post - Mechanical completion, the Site Construction team is further joined by our Commissioning professionals to provide complete support to the Client/Licensor in order to carry out successful Commissioning and Guarantee Test-Run of the Plant.

The commissioning and start up services are performed in a sequential and controlled manner by competent personnel ensuring safety at all stages. PGA’s willingness to operate in harsh and remote locations separates it from the competition.